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Meet the next reality

InmersiaLens is the new generation of XR smart glasses


InmersiaLens is the Future

Smartphone era is over, a new Augmented Reality era is about to come!

A New Perspective

At Inmersia we are developing the next generation of Smartglasses, to offer an unlimited screen space to work with. Let the world be your interface!

A New Feel

We are delivering a whole set of new ways of interacting with computers and the Internet of Things. Be ready to immerse in a much more organic interaction!

A New World 

Discover our I nmersiaOS with its updated environment and a world of new applications and shared experiences.
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The Best Experience
On The Market 

The InmersiaLens are delivering maximum power,
portability, autonomy and immersivity on a same device



Forget latency 

Two times  more powerful than most common smartphones and laptops today. 



Light as a feather

The most portable smartglasses ever seen,  comfortable like  sunglasses.



Daily companion 

With thrice the autonomy than competitors, it can last a whole day.



Unlimited space

Let the world be your interface, with  all  the applications you are familiar with.

Where We Are


Patents in





Next Steps

We are working  hard to bring you the InmersiaLens as soon as possible

Product Refinement

We are working with our backers to build the best experience on the market. Become a part of the InmersiaFamily, book now your InmersiaLens! 

Kickstarter Campaign

In 2023 we will start the pre-sales campaign. If you book the glasses now you will get special offers! 


Thanks to pre-sales we will prepare theInmersiaLens for mass production and build a first serie to test it with the  InmersiaFamily. Don't miss the opportunity and become part of it!

Product Launch

On 2024 we will launch the InmersiaLens on the market. Be the first to have the InmersiaLens!

Let's do it Together!

Discover how Inmersia can change our lives

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